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Monday, 20 April 2009 20:10

It is a fact that horses in nature and as a species are not evolved to live in a limited space and feed on lush green lowland type grass (which is what we have in the UK) Horses living naturally spend their lives in a plain type environment, moving over varying terrain, moving almost constantly and with a free choice of a wide variety of natural herbs, shrubs, grasses and natures own vitamin and mineral supplements (rocks, earth, plants).

Jaime Jackson, director of the AANHCP has devised the Paddock Paradise system (see resources page for Jaimes book) - to allow our domesticated horses to live in a manner which mimics as close as possible the conditions a healthy wild horse lives in. Paddock Paradise is easily applied to even smaller spaces, giving horse owners the opportunity to fullfill their horses every need. The benefits of the Paddock Paradise system are many and varied, but always result in a happier healthier horse.

  • Behaviour driven movement - fitter horses all round
  • An overweight horse will have a real opportunity to loose excess weight and become healthy again
  • Aggressive behaviour lessens or stops
  • Mental activities as well as physical - there is always something to look at or do!
  • Optimising hoof growth and producing healthier, stronger hooves
  • Aids the digestive system
  • Great fitness tool
  • Great de-stresser
  • Being allowed to behave in instinctual ways
  • Herd bonding

Paddock Paradise is a lane/track system, and easily fits into most grazing spaces. Usually the lane would run around the outside of the field, and be different widths depending on how many horses are using it. For a basic Paradise,  putting the water as far away from the vitamin/mineral lick and the hay well away from either makes the horse move and work a bit more to get what he wants. Once the basics are set out, adding different surfaces like stones, sand and rocks gives the horses the opportunity to travel across surfaces that would be natural for them - and results in great hooves! Or why not use what you might have - a rocky/stony field or a copse or wooded area.

Paddock Paradise - The ultimate in natural horse boarding


On Track on Paddock Paradise On track Stone on track
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