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Saturday, 04 April 2009 14:09

The Healing Powers of Nature at work - This is what we mean when we talk about the healing angle -
the angle of healthier growth at the top of the hoof.

This hoof is developing into exactly what the horse needs - with no invasive trimming,
no unnatural force and no guess work. Just natural healing facilitated by the
AANHCP natural trim and holistic management program.


Hood Side ViewHood Side View

Before 1st trim 3 months later - after three trims and lifestyle change
bracken_1 brackensplitrecovery
1st trim - large crack that had been in the foot 6 years - barefoot for 5 years and farrier trimmed 6 months later

Badly laminitic mare. Heart bar shoes removed 1 week earlier. 5 months later - the mare was sound from 2 months into the AANHCP trim program



Pedal bone millimetres away from coming through the sole. Laminitis at its worst. 4 months later. The pony had absolutely NO GRASS in this time, was allowed freedom of movement in a sand paddock and barn and fed a reasonably natural diet of soaked hay and a vit/min supplement


pollyfoot pollyfootafter
1 st Trim - long toe typical of long term bad shoeing 5 months later - and still getting better. No artificial shortening of the toe, no invasive white line trim. Just allowing the hoof to grow the way it needs to be.
 chocolatecrack  chocolatebetter
This crack had been in the hoof for two years. This mare was subject to peroxide hoof scrubs 3 times a week and the owners were told if the shoe were to ever come off the hoof would split open and the horse would have to be put to sleep. 3 months later. 3 trims and a complete change of diet and management. This hoof was crying out for help, and simply by facilitating healing without doing anything invasive and allowing a reasonably natural diet and lifestyle the crack virtually disappeared in 3 trims.
lillybefore lillyafter
1st Trim - Laminitic mare with stretched white line 2 months later - more exercise and two trims.
Ivy 1 Ivy 2
Suspected abcess crack - 1st trim 9 months later - no staples, glue or shoes used.
 twofeetdone  halfdone
Lovely cob hooves. It is a myth that white hooves are weaker than coloured hooves.  Laminitic thoroughbred gelding with one front done :)

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