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Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices

The vital mission of the AANHCP is to advance the humane care and management of domestic equines worldwide through the applications of proven practices and principles based on the research and findings of wild, free-roaming equines..

A barefoot horse is a marvel of the natural world, witness American's wild horses of the Great Basin. Such a horse can move rigorously and without pain over the roughest terrain, and without any hoof protection except what nature has given him from birthright. He lives his life without shoes and his feet do not suffer from it. Health and hoof disorders that plague his domestic cousins everywhere are unknown to him. Are our domestic horses exempt from such good fortune? The answer is no. Through genuine natural hoof care and natural horse keeping practices, your equine can enjoy the same health with sound, tough hooves. Let the skilled holistic practitioners of the AANHCP show you how to transform your horses' body and feet -- even if the latter are brittle and weak or suffering from an "incurable" disease -- into the "natural horse" nature has intended all along.

Upholding the AANHCP Oath of Allegiance

All association officers, instructors/clinicians, and students are bound by policy and in spirit to adhere to the official AANHCP Oath of Allegiance:




Barefoot trimmers UK covering, Somerset, Wales, Wiltshire, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall and Gloucestershire

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