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Does your horse suffer from brittle, cracked hooves, flat feet, thin soles, thrush, intermittent lameness or arthritic joints? Do you both struggle with laminitis every year with little sign of a permanent cure? Has your horse been diagnosed with Navicular?

  • Is your horse trying to cope with stumbling, slipping, tripping, overreach injuries or swollen legs?
  • Are you tired of lost shoes and the hassle of getting them back on again?
  • Do you have questions about how you can enable your horse to become healthier, fitter and sound with true lasting hoof - and whole horse - health?

The Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices natural hoofcare and management program is the most complete, forward thinking holistic horse care program in the world. It is based on the proven healthy wild horse hoof and evolved equine lifestyle giving AANHCP practitioners the edge when it comes to helping our equines at home. If we don't know what true health looks like how do we understand the goals we are working towards?

The AANHCP natural hoofcare Guidelines enable practitioners to mimic the truly healthy hooves and lifestyle of the wild horse, mule and burro, which provide the natural templates and foundation for genuine natural hoof care. The Guidelines prevent invasive trimming and methods that leave excessive growth which has negative effect on hoof integrity, thereby causing harm. The AANHCP Guidelines do not yield a ''single trim'' or a one size fits all approach to barefoot trimming, rather they facilitate the unique individual growth patterns of each horse without causing harm or obstructing natural gaits. Practitioners of the AANHCP are trained to help you and your horse with all aspects of natural hoofcare, including related nutrition and starting a paddock paradise natural management setup.

The benefits of the AANHCP natural hoofcare and mangement program are many, including:

  • Reduced concussion and impact on the horses entire body, which greatly aids healthy as well as arthritic joints - your horse will have his suspension back!
  • A softer lighter ride - for you and the horse
  • Re-establishes natural blood circulation in hooves and legs, which in turn reduces the horses heart rate and allows the heart to work less
  • Reduced risk of injury - to your horse, other horses and humans
  • Barefoot feet are a great measure of overall horse health
  • No worries about loosing shoes
  • Less churning up of fields and tracks
  • No need to use travel boots
  • Increased traction - safer ride
  • An opportunity to stop laminitis and ''navicular''once and for all
  • Temperament changes - it is not unusual for a horse to relax and soften in his approach to work and day to day life
  • Healthier digestive system


Houston Mounted Police with horses trimmed by AANHCP Natural Hoofcare Practitioner - if their horses can do it so can yours!

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